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Leave no trace

Leave Page, AZ, Better Than you Found It

At the center of adventure, Page offers stunning natural beauty every where you look. When you visit this magical place, you are responsible for preserving and protecting the pristine environment that surrounds us. That’s why we invite you to learn and embrace the Leave No Trace principles, ensuring that future generations can also experience the wonders of Page as you are today—perhaps even better.

Water Conservation

Perhaps one of the most important resources to Arizonans is our water resources. The ravages of drought are being felt by communities across this great state, including Page. By changing a few simple habits, you can make a significant impact on water consumption. So when you are visiting this area and from your own home, embrace good habits to save our water supply for generations to come.

You can start your water conservation journey by following these 18 tips to conserve water while you’re on vacation in Page.

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Before embarking on your adventure, take the time to research and understand the area you’ll be exploring. Familiarize yourself with the local regulations, weather conditions, and any potential hazards. By adequately preparing, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Page’s natural landscapes are awe-inspiring, but they are also delicate ecosystems. Stick to established trails and campsites to avoid damaging fragile vegetation and soil. By staying on durable surfaces like rock or gravel, you can minimize your footprint and protect the beauty that surrounds us.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Respect the environment and the local community by properly disposing of your waste. Carry out all trash and litter, leaving no trace of your visit. This includes everything from food scraps and packaging to hygiene products. Be mindful of the wildlife that calls this area home and do not leave any items that may be harmful to them.

Leave What You Find

The natural and cultural resources in Page are irreplaceable. Help preserve them for future generations by leaving natural objects, historical artifacts, and cultural sites untouched. Take only photographs and memories, allowing others to experience the same wonder and discovery that you did.

Leave No Trace

Minimize Campfire Impacts

If you choose to have a campfire, do so responsibly. Follow local regulations and use established fire rings or designated areas. Use only small sticks and branches found on the ground to fuel your fire, avoiding damage to living trees and vegetation. Remember to fully extinguish the fire before leaving to prevent wildfires.

Respect Wildlife

Page is home to a diverse range of wildlife, each playing a vital role in the ecosystem. Observe animals from a distance and never feed or approach them. Keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing their natural behavior. By respecting their space and needs, we can maintain the delicate balance of this unique environment.

Leave No Trace

Be Considerate of Others

Page is a place where people from different backgrounds and cultures come together to appreciate nature’s wonders. Be respectful of other visitors and the local community. Keep noise levels down, yield to others on trails, and be mindful of cultural sensitivities. Together, we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this extraordinary destination.

Embrace the Leave No Trace principles, and let’s create a sustainable future where future generations can continue to marvel at the magnificence of Lake Powell, the Colorado River, the vibrant Navajo culture, and more. Together, we can make a difference and leave a positive impact on this remarkable place we call home.